How to Make Back Button Work Only On Double Click (Android)

Figure out how to handle time intervals

Here's a tip:

long start = System.currentTimeMillis(); // start time (NOT 0. KEEP READING)

// your code

long finish = System.currentTimeMillis(); // finish time (NOT THE DURATION)

// the duration is the difference between the start and finish time (look up currentTimeMillis() if you want to know why)
System.out.println("Your code took " + (finish - start) " milliseconds");  

However, I have already created a stopwatch class (methods to simulate a stopwatch). Using my class (download here), it's much easier.

Put the following code in your activity class that you want to have to press back twice in a short period of time for the activity to finish.

Stopwatch stopwatch = new Stopwatch();

public void onBackPressed() {

    if (stopwatch.getMilliseconds() < 500 && stopwatch.isGoing()) {
    } else {

The only thing you may want to change is stopwatch.getMilliseconds() < 500. That means that the user has to press back twice within half a second for the activity to close. You may want to have it within an entire second, so something like this: stopwatch.getMilliseconds() < 1000 or stopwatch.getSeconds() < 1

           Created: March 27, 2014
Completed in full by: Michael Yaworski